5 Booming Businesses That Are Worth Trying

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Are you one of the millennials who craves to contribute positively to the economy? Or are you within the 30-50-year-old range that has tried and tried but failed in the business world? Well, here’s a list of business opportunities that have been studied and proven to be booming this year. You might want to check them out and consider making a plan to start up small. Who knows? One of these businesses might be your ticket to success.

Before anything, we remind you that small businesses won’t get you to the millions, not for a month or even a year. But perhaps your initial goal is that you want to be your own boss and you want to provide simply for your family. Once you’ve done that, you can progress to thinking about the millions – and start other businesses as well.


Trending Business Opportunities

  • Home For The Aged. Over the next 15 years, the senior population will have increased by 23%, according to the census in Canada (source: verwellfamily.com) . In the United States, similarly, the baby boomer generation will be nearing retirement. This information provides a great opportunity for senior-related businesses such as senior or retirement homes. You can start with leasing or buying a small property to cater to seniors in your community and the neighboring communities. If you want to make it easier for you, you can choose from the available franchises that have a structured program and facilities that can construct and make the necessary standards for you – no hassle.

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  • Artisan Products. If you love making DIY crafts or jams or whatnot, why don’t you make a business out of your passion? Artisan or homemade or crafted products are consistently growing leaps and bounds in the market. Most artisan businesses start off from the homes, picked up by customers, then progressed to delivery, and then sold by bulk in the supermarkets.
  • Personal Storage Lease. Yes, Storage Wars helped with that. The personal storage unit business continues to boom across the United States. This is because of the increasing foreign workforce, more practical homeowners, and the current trend to acquire more things. Handymen like plumbers and electricians also keep their tools in storage units instead of their stores or homes. As the owner, you must make sure that you provide proper lighting, security and the appropriate environment to keep possessions safe. And you can get funds for that from the rental, which is way more than you expected. 
  • Food Trucks. Most states are just filled with colorful trucks and customers lining up to get a taste of grilled burgers, tacos, or any food that can be sold and cooked from a food truck! But now trending is food that’s fresh, nutritious and organic. You won’t go wrong when you sell healthy, because people now are more and more health-conscious but will remain food lovers for life. GMonkey is an example of a flourishing eco food truck business that sells vegetarian food to its Connecticut community.


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  • Mobile Pet Grooming. The young and old alike have pets in their homes to play with or as companions. But mobile pet grooming can be very helpful for seniors who can’t go out to have their pets checked or groomed. This also works for busy couples or families who don’t have time to bring their dogs or cats for cleaning.


With luck – and a little preparation and due diligence – one of these businesses just might be the perfect step towards growing your income this year and the years to come.

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