Reminders When Working With Family In A Business

Having family members working with you hand-in-hand in the business can be an excellent idea. That is because of the less hassle you get from dealing with people you don’t know. With family, you can be as comfortable as you want. You won’t have to worry about expressing your thoughts and opinions because they somehow understand. However, there is still a catch. Not all family relationships strengthen a business. Sometimes, they are the reason for a business to fail. Therefore, you need to understand the different essential roles when working with family.


The family’s role in the business includes being a financial business partner, support employee, sales representative, and administrator. These positions are the ones that will determine how family members can contribute to the betterment of a business. It is vital to note that when it comes to money, everything is about accountability. Therefore, family members should be responsible for handling their duties professionally.

Do Not Give In To Their Demands

Since family members are working with you, it can become quite easy to spoil them. You might think that it is okay, but it is not. Spoiling family members and giving in to their demands will only negatively influence them to do whatever they want. These individuals will feel entitled because they believe nothing is more important than a familial relationship. So regardless of their misbehaviors that could cause misfortune in the business, spoiled family members will not care. In some unfortunate instances, the most important thing for them when it comes to being part of a business is their benefits.


Avoid Being Too Comfortable Around Them In The Business

Delayed tasks and unresponsive members slow the progress of a business. Usually, some family members who are working with you feel that their every action, though it negatively affects the business’s productivity, is often excused.  They have this mentality that their errands are more important than their role in the business. Sometimes, these family members make you feel guilty for not allowing them to prioritize their life issues outside the business. It is a situation that can place you in the most challenging position. That is because not only will you have to do the unfinished task with limited time; you will also have to feel sorry for yourself for working on everything by yourself.

Do Not Let Them Control Everything

As much as you want to believe that family members are helpful in the business, that is not the case all the time. Well, it is not a hundred percent that they cause problems in the business, though, but almost every time, they create issues along the way. Usually, family members who are part of the business often want more. They require a superior position in the company. They insist on a high salary rate. Sometimes, they even call for time off any time they fell like it. And you, on the other hand, cannot do anything about it. That is because they are family. You feel obligated to fall into their demands because you believe that what they are doing is acceptable.


Never Assume They Will Stick With You Till The End

One of the most ironic things that you will have to deal with family members in the business is when they stand with you through your victorious moments but will not be there when you struggle. Honestly, that can pretty much determine whether you would need your family in the business or not. You should always remember that every individual, regardless if they are friends or family, will never stick with you for the rest of their lives, primarily when nothing benefits them in return. These people value the current deal and often disregard futuristic rewards. So when they feel too pressured or think that they are working hard enough without getting more in return, they let go of their responsibilities.

Cut Them Off If You Have To

Okay, let’s say you understand the situation, and you know some family members are taking advantage of you. Still, you will find it hard to confront them and probably take you a couple of setbacks before finally deciding to cut them off. Please never allow that to happen. If you are concerned about your business and don’t want your effort to go to waste, drop those who contribute nothing. Regardless if they are family, if they do more damage than assistance, they do not deserve anything from you and your business. If these people do not value your worth, then let go of them. There are a lot of individuals out there that will genuinely care for you and your business and sometimes, these are not your family.


Business is business. If your family wants to be part of it, allow them. But always remind yourself that you have all the control over it. So decide what is best.


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